Nicolas Boldt
BSc, University of Saskatchewan
UBC DAP Student

Nicolas Boldt

For Nicolas Boldt, UBC DAP opens the door to meaningful work in his area of interest

Nicolas Boldt has seen a lot of the world. Through seasonal work as a tree planter in remote areas of Canada, working in Alaska as a biology research assistant for the University of Saskatchewan, and pursuing his passion for rock climbing around the world, he has broadened his horizons through travel. Ready for more stability and a life beyond a mini-van, he looked for a career that would challenge him and open the door to opportunities for work that coincides with his interests: the environment, outdoor tourism and humanitarianism. Accounting was it.

The Decision

“I chose accounting first, then sought a program that would help me realize my career ambitions as quickly and efficiently as possible,” explains Boldt. “With UBC DAP you can focus on accounting and earn the CPA pre-requisites in 10 to 24 months. I was also impressed by the professionalism of the UBC DAP Program. It provides an academic bridge to the accounting profession and is very career oriented, providing students with access to networking and recruiting events.”

The Transition

“After a few years of travelling, the decision to come back to school was very calculated,” says Boldt when asked about his adjustment to the program. “I am more serious and focused now than I was during my undergraduate degree, and have been able to get up to speed quickly. My biggest challenge thus far has been figuring out how to navigate the recruiting system effectively, so I’ve made a point to take advantage of UBC DAP’s career development activities.”

The Experience

“Awesome” describes it best according to Nicolas when he talks about his UBC DAP experience to date. He values the structure and focus of the program and the strong sense of community among UBC DAP students. “Having already completed an undergraduate degree, most people are highly motivated both to learn and advance their career,” says Nicolas who appreciates the UBC DAP networking events and their role in paving the way to his career goals.

The Career Path

“Looking ahead, I plan to obtain my CPA and ultimately find an opportunity with an organization that seeks to improve the living standard in the local community. I have an interest in developing corporate policies and infrastructures that integrate environmental or humanitarian benchmarks into financial reports because I believe it will help achieve this objective.”

He is seeking a job with an auditing firm that offers the opportunity to tackle new challenges and explore different roles both vertically and laterally.  Because of his desire to learn and grow, he finds the idea of being exposed to a variety of companies and industries very appealing.