Keira Chapman
Bachelor of Music from UBC
UBC DAP Student

Keira Chapman

Keira Chapman combines two passions in pursuing accounting career

Making the transition from opera singing to accounting may seem a bit unusual, but for Keira Chapman it had been in the cards for a long time. With a deep rooted interest in both the arts and sciences, she initially felt that she didn’t “fit the mould” for a specific career. Her passion for music led her to complete not one, but two Music degrees at UBC, culminating in a Master’s degree in Opera Performance. Still yearning to challenge herself in the maths and sciences, she enrolled in the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program. Says Chapman,” I have always been interested in financial organization and problem solving, so accounting is the perfect fit for me.”

The Decision

With its flexible scheduling, streamlined curriculum and career transition support, UBC DAP provided everything Keira was looking for in an accounting program. The strong reputation of the faculty sealed her decision to enrol.

The Transition

Having earned two degrees in the arts, Keira found the prospect of studying accounting to be intimidating. Once she realized she would share the learning curve with other students from diverse backgrounds, her fears were put to rest. “I took comfort in the fact that so many individuals in the classroom were just like me,” says Chapman. Ultimately she enjoys the fast paced and challenging nature of the curriculum and appreciates its intent to bring students from zero knowledge to career readiness.

The Experience

For Keira, who wants to work while studying, the evening class format of the UBC DAP program works really well.  She also appreciates her fellow classmates and the positive energy she derives from their shared learning experience. “The networking and training opportunities available to students are endless,” enthuses Chapman, who is already taking advantage of the Program’s career development activities as a way to evolve her personal marketing plan and learn about the accounting industry.

The Career Path

After graduating from the UBC DAP Program Keira intends to pursue an articling position in Vancouver and earn her CPA. In the long term, she plans to explore opportunities in the arts and culture sector while remaining open to other opportunities that come her way.