Jody Kitchen
BA, Psychology from UBC
UBC DAP Student

Jody Kitchen

UBC DAP is a route to career advancement for Jody Kitchen.

Jody Kitchen enjoyed working in the travel industry because it afforded her opportunities for travel and snowboarding. As her role evolved from service to administration, she became ex-posed to the accounting function of her organization and liked what she saw. With some further enquiries and job shadowing, she determined that accounting would be a good fit with her abilities and goals and made the leap towards a new career.

The Decision

“I chose the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program based on the enthusiastic recommendation of several friends. The reputation of the program and instructors was really strong and I was impressed by the career development support. Plus I was attracted to the energy and camaraderie that comes from an in-class learning environment,” explains Kitchen.

The Transition

“It’s been a while since I completed my English and psychology undergraduate degree, so the biggest transition came in shifting from work to study mode. Studying requires a different kind of self discipline and I have learned to stay on top of my work by scheduling blocks of study time in advance of deadlines.”

The Experience

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting and studying with fellow classmates, some of whom have become friends,” says Jody who also appreciates the support she’s received from her instructors. In addition, she finds the UBC DAP networking events to be a valuable way to connect with professionals in the accounting industry.

The Career Path

With plans to have her CPA designation in hand in five years time, Jody hopes to work for an accounting firm in order to gain experience in a variety of industries. However, she is clearly open to whatever opportunities come her way.