Gurvir Sangha
BA, International Relations from UBC
UBC DAP Student

Gurvir Sangha

Gurvir Sangha will combine an undergraduate degree in international relations with a CPA designation as the foundation for a global career

Gurvir Sangha thinks big. A strong interest in political, cultural and economic global affairs, propelled him to pursue an undergraduate degree in international relations. Today, he sees a CPA designation as the leverage he needs to successfully pursue an international career.

The Decision

“I spoke to both friends and professional acquaintances who consistently gave the UBC DAP Program high praise,” says Sangha. “ Also because I earned my undergraduate degree at UBC, I was aware of the reputation of the business school and the career development resources they make available to students. Having met so many UBC DAP alumni with placements at big firms such as PwC and KPMG, I know I’ve made the right decision.”

The Transition

“My undergraduate arts degree emphasized research and writing, so I expected my quantitative skills would be rusty. Thankfully I took advantage of the UBC DAP Quantitative Methods Preparatory Course prior to starting the program which built my confidence and eased the transition.”

The Experience

Gurvir, who has continued to work full-time at UBC while studying, appreciates both the focused nature of the program and the course scheduling flexibility. “I have also been impressed with the calibre and experience of the program’s instructors who can illustrate accounting concepts with real world examples,” he says.

The Career Path

Once he has earned his CPA designation, Gurvir looks forward to pursuing an international career with an NGO or other organization.