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Dap Students

A Bridge to Professional Accounting

Every aspect of UBC DAP is designed to optimize your student experience, learning and long-term career success. Officially recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC), it provides the opportunity to acquire the prerequisites for CPA’s Professional Education Program at one of Canada’s most respected universities. Whether you are short one course or all the pre-requisites, your UBC DAP experience will lay the foundation for professional success.

Rigorous curriculum - flexible format

The program’s intense and challenging curriculum is comprised of 11 three-credit courses, equivalent in workload, academic rigour, and student assessment to the Accounting option of Sauder’s prestigious Bachelor of Commerce program.

All 11 of the core courses are offered during each term of the winter session and at least one term of the summer session of the academic year. Courses are held primarily in the evenings with some offered online and on Saturdays. Students enrolled in the full Diploma program can take a maximum of 5 courses during each of the 2 winter terms and 3 courses during each of the 2 summer terms, enjoying the flexibility to finish the full program in a little as 10 or as long as 24 months while continuing to work.

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A rich and productive learning experience

Faculty draw on expertise and industry experience to bring accounting concepts to life through lectures, casework, and prominent guest speakers. History, economics, biology - class dynamics are enriched by the diverse backgrounds of UBC DAP students. Relationships formed during the program become the foundation for personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

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Getting you to success

The fast paced and rigorous nature of the UBC DAP curriculum necessitates a solid understanding of business statistics, quantitative decision making methods, time value of money concepts, economic issues and decision-making, and business computing. If you are concerned about your quantitative skills, the Quantitative Methods Preparatory Course can help.

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Beyond the classroom

UBC DAP reaches beyond the classroom to develop your career intelligence. By taking advantage of workshops, one-on-one coaching, the UBC DAP Student Club and other resources, you'll learn how to take charge of your career path and find the accounting job that's right for you.

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