What Our Students Say

"Our goal as we developed the program was to create the best Aboriginal business education program ever offered. It would have the most useful content, the best instructors and speakers, and the best Aboriginal leadership and coaching. We can now say with confidence that the ‘best ever’ goal is being met."

- Chief David Walkem, Cook’s Ferry Indian Band (Ch’nook Advisor)

"The top-notch instructors were very skilled and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. Their enthusiasm made learning enjoyable and interesting. This program definitely makes me realize that it is feasible to live your dream when that dream includes entrepreneurship."

- Shamrnon First Nation

"This program is an efficient way to gain a diverse skill base needed to participate in business. Areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, research, human resources, and systems management all help lead to proper business planning and implementation. By participating in the program, I have seen the different skill sets required for business success and my confidence to take the challenge to learn and build skills has been enhanced."

- N’quatqua First Nation

"This program provided me with the fundamentals of business management, planning and implementation. All of the instructors were top in their field and helped us learn critical business skills. This program has given us the ability to scrutinize the viability and profitability of business projects and not feel intimidated. Huy chexw!"

- Squamish Nation

"The instructors were outstanding. The First Nation speakers were excellent. By taking this course, I am more conscious of how a business is supposed to run and I am already looking at starting up one or two businesses for myself. This course changed the way I think about business. I totally recommend it to anyone."

- Tsleil Waututh Nation

"I actually started a business for the band, a wireless internet service provider company. We have 67 clients and building. Yes, the program helped me a great deal …the break even analysis provided me with the data needed to convince my council to loan the company more funds needed to expand."

- Seton Lake Band

"I absolutely enjoyed the Advanced Management Program at Ch’nook – I strongly believe that success comes from keeping your skills sharp and current – learning and sharing success stories with classmates, professors and guest speakers was keenly interesting and awakened new ideas for old habits and routine. The world of business is constantly changing – I learned to accept change with an open mind, to be more open to other people’s ideas, the importance of understanding what is going on in the lives of my co-workers, business partners and employees. I AM trying to put more effort into listening, watching, learning and caring about underlying issues of the people I deal with on a daily basis. I learned so much from the values session and discussing aboriginal values with other First Nations people. The values session affirmed my beliefs and my strong stand on native land issues. It was a great experience for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

- Fort Nelson First Nation

"I really love this program… I am finding the instruction very inspiring and the excitement infectious. All of the aspects are coming together and making sense. I can’t believe I am excited about income statements and balance sheets topped off with a cash flow and retained earnings report."

- Fort Nelson First Nation, British Columbia