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Effective and knowledgeable leadership is vital to the sustainable economic growth and success of Indigenous communities in British Columbia and across the country. In support of this goal, we invite our partners to join us in our efforts to increase Indigenous participation in business education and foster the next generation of Indigenous business leaders.


By supporting the Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education initiative, you do so much more than help a future community leader – you will help create a foundation for community success and prosperity for betterment of all Canadians. Together, we can build management capacity in Indigenous communities.


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The program’s mission is to encourage and support business education for Indigenous participants. In support of this mission, Ch’nook offers a full range of educational opportunities, including networking and support for Indigenous students engaged in full-time business studies (“Scholars”), and the Aboriginal Management Certificate Program (AMP) for Indigenous participants looking to develop fundamental business knowledge and skills.


Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education has established a network that includes community leaders, post-secondary institutions, Indigenous Scholars, First Nations, and members of the business community. Through this solid framework, Ch’nook provides critical business training to develop the Indigenous management capacity that will generate sustainable economic growth and, in turn, sustainable communities.


Our objective is to significantly increase the number of students engaged in meaningful business studies through the Ch’nook initiative and across BC.  Increased participation in Ch’nook will make a genuine difference in Indigenous communities by empowering Indigenous  and enabling them to reach their full potential as knowledgeable and innovative members of the business community.


Core Programs and Activities

The Ch’nook Scholars program engages Indigenous students in business and management studies at higher educational institutions across the province. It aims to encourage, enable and enhance students’ business education experiences through network gatherings, career and professional development, and academic and financial support. Each year, a new cohort of full-time Indigenous business students are recognized as Ch’nook Scholars. Each Scholar receives at $2000 scholarship, all expenses paid attendance to two provincial gatherings, as well as internship and professional development opportunities.

The Ch'nook Aboriginal Management Certificate Program (AMP) is a part-time certificate program designed for Indigenous participants with at least five years of work experience who are interested in developing enhanced business management skills.  Tuition fees range from $6000 for local students, to $10,000 for local students requiring accommodation but no transportation, to $12,000 for non-local students requiring transportation as well. This covers tuition, course materials, breakfasts and lunches.

How you can help

The support of our alumni, community and corporate partners has been crucial to the growth and continued success of Ch’nook. We invite you to help increase Indigenous participation in business education. 

Below are a few opportunities for involvement:

  • Financial contributions to Ch’nook Scholars enables opportunities for students to attend educational gatherings, peer-support and networking opportunities, and provides access to internships and financial awards.
  • Your support for the Aboriginal Management Certificate Program (AMP) participants will cover their tuition fees and enable their participation in the program.

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