Ch’nook Mission

"It's is very clear to the Indigenous Leadership Council that focusing on economic development by itself does not pave the road to self-reliance. However, when economic development is combined with strong business education, then we have the equation that equals Indigenous success.”

- Grand Chief Ed John


Ch'nook's mission is to promote business, management and entrepreneurship as viable career opportunities for Indigenous students in order to contribute to creating a sustainable and self-sufficient economic future for Indigenous communities in British Columbia and across Canada.

Ch'nook accomplishes this through:

  1. Working with Indigenous leaders to educate and inspire them in delivering their vision to create and manage internationally competitive, locally responsive and sustainable economic strategies for the future.
  2. Providing access to a wide range of financial and knowledge resources, networking, mentoring and internship opportunities to support post-secondary Indigenous business students in their efforts to be successful in completing their business degrees.
  3. Developing an Indigenous cultural, knowledge and teaching and learning context for all individuals participating in Ch'nook's activities. 
  4. Creating proactive linkages and opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between Indigenous leaders and business professionals, University faculty, corporate leaders, students and Indigenous communities.

Ch'nook's Three Pillars

Ch'nook's vision for its Indigenous Business Education strategy is composed of three central pillars: student development, faculty involvement, and community engagement. In adopting this approach, we contribute to community-based economic development through a dual focus on fostering student interest in and engagement with post-secondary business education opportunities and on supporting Indigenous business leaders and entrepreneurs in developing crucial business skills and capabilities.