Ch'nook Management Team

Frances Chandler

Frances Chandler, PhD

Dr. Frances Chandler is the Director of Ch’nook Indigenous Education, at the Sauder School of Business. She is a published researcher who facilitates workshops on topics such as job search techniques, mentorship, leadership and collaboration, grant writing, and research methods. Dr. Chandler holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree in Urban and Regional Planning (BES), a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd), a Master of Arts in Social Welfare Policy (MA), and a PhD in education with a focus on policy and leadership in higher education.

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Jonathan Easey

Jonathan is a researcher and program manager for Ch’nook. In his role, Jonathan leads the Ch’nook Scholars and Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education Programs as well as spearheading Ch’nook’s research efforts. Jonathan also supports the strategic planning activities of the Centre through a research and impact-based approach to program evaluation and future-state visioning.

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Kristin Smart, Program Manager, Ch'nook

Kristin Smart

Kristin oversees the Aboriginal Management Program in her role as a Program Manager for Ch’nook. She also contributes to Ch’nook’s broader strategic planning and research initiatives.

Kristin was raised in Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 land; she is of mixed ancestry and is proud of her deep Metis roots. Prior to working with Ch’nook, Kristin worked for BC Wildfire Service and Emergency Management BC in different positions related to the coordination and planning of emergency response efforts.

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Patricia Janecek

Patricia Janecek oversees the administration of Ch’nook and supports Ch’nook initiatives including the Aboriginal Management Certificate Program (AMP), the Ch’nook Scholars Program, and the Indigenous Business Education Program (IBEP).

Prior to joining the Ch’nook Management Team, Patricia served as the administrative assistant in the UBC President’s Office.

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