Harrison Pope
Dual Commerce and Arts Degree program

After two years of study at Sciences Po’s Reims campus in France, Harrison Pope is at UBC to complete the final two years of his Dual Commerce and Arts Degree program.

When you were considering different post-secondary programs, what drew you to the Dual Degree program?

"The Dual Degree caught my attention because it uniquely balanced strong academic foundations with opportunities to study the world from a completely new perspective. Being able to immerse myself in the unique blend of western Canadian culture and the older but equally unique French way of life provided an incredible opportunity for both personal and academic growth – one I knew that I had to pursue."

What has studying abroad at Sciences Po been like? Has it aligned with your expectations?

"Sciences Po taught me not only political science in the strict academic sense, it taught me to approach questions with a different mindset and look at problems more critically than I was accustomed to before the program. Sciences Po taught me to look through to the root causes of current issues, a skill which I believe will be invaluable in my later career."

Given your experience so far, what do you see as the greatest benefit of the program?

"The diverse opportunities presented to me so far, from meeting the former Managing Director of the IMF to making friends with the students from over 60 countries who study at Sciences Po have enriched my understanding of global affairs far beyond a simple classroom experience. With such a varied set of backgrounds and experiences, discussions became incredibly rich and challenged my understanding of events which I had previously understood solely from a Canadian perspective."

What are you most looking forward to about studying at UBC?

"I am looking forward to diving into a completely new environment and discovering a city and a lifestyle different from that of France. I am also excited to look at commerce now that I have greater grasp of globalization and the challenges and opportunities for multinational firms in a diverse global economy. I’ve also heard that Lee’s donuts are incredible, so those are also high on my list of “to-do’s” at UBC!"

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