Christopher Heathcote-Rey
Option in Marketing

"Get to know your teachers, talk to them, don’t be afraid to go to their office hours for a nice chat, trust me you will learn so much from them!"

Taking skills beyond the classroom

"Last year, I had the fantastic opportunity to travel with a team of five students, three alumni and a teacher to Ethiopia to host business workshops for local entrepreneurs as part of the Arc Initiative. This experience was incredible as I, a 19 year-old undergraduate, was given the opportunity to stand up in front of a classroom of 90 local entrepreneurs and teach them basic business concepts such as the SWOT and Break Even analysis! We stayed in Ethiopia for five weeks, living with the locals and helping them modify their businesses to become more efficient and profitable (each student was allocated an entrepreneur and I had the opportunity to help by creating websites, analyzing production processes and emphasizing marketing collateral). It was a life changing experience!"

Leading initiatives that shape the student experience

"I was heavily involved with the Commerce Undergraduate Society in my first and second year as the year representative and it was an absolutely fruitful experience as I really felt connected to my peers and met so many upper year mentors! I then joined the Business Communications Club (BizComm), and the UBC Marketing Association (UBCMA) as an executive. Through BizzComm I was challenged to host high-valued events with limited funding. My involvement in UBCMA showed me how much students can learn from alumni and industry professionals - I see an enormous potential for the growth of students. This year I am currently the Co-President of the club, pushing to make a big impact and bring great experiences to our peers!

Finding a path of focus

I’ve always been incredibly confused about what career path to take in the future, but having the opportunity to join the Brand Management Mentorship program has allowed me to learn more and focus on one specific industry. The program, taught by executives from companies including Microsoft, Visa, Labatt, and Molsen, teaches you the fundamentals of brand management. You'll work through real life case studies and analytics, followed by practice interviews and career building. Mentors kindly give their precious time to help us build our résumé and prepare us to enter the brand management industry in the future! And the fact that alumni are doing this just to help students really is the nicest thing about the program!

Looking forward

"After working this summer in Asia, I have become so driven to start my career there and I will be applying to the Sauder Shanghai summer program next year. I want to leave a positive impact on my community at Sauder and I believe that the best way to do that is through running conferences such as Gateways (UBCMA), at which students meet life long mentors, discover a career path that they love and just have an overall good time!"

Advice for new students

"GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Sauder has an absolutely fantastic network of alumni to meet, organizations that need running, and opportunities to travel and build your career. Don’t waste this, just jump aboard and you will not regret it."

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