Program Overview

Did you know our Faculty’s ground-breaking research has built the UBC Sauder School of Business into Canada’s leading management research school? Committed to your academic and personal success, our instructors bring business to life through lectures, case studies and noteworthy guest speakers.

A dynamic and challenging curriculum

A UBC Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) will give you the broad range of business basics and the management skills you need to thrive in any career. With our diverse array of course offerings, you’ll have a chance to develop your critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, organization and leadership.

In each year of study of our general program you will take a combination of core courses and electives to build competencies in each area of business.

 Year 1 – Building a foundation

Course No. Course Name Credits
COMM 1011  Business Fundamentals 
COMM 2902  Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making 
COMM 2912  Application of Statistics in Business 
COMM 2922  Management and Organizational Behaviour 3
ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
MATH 104/1843 Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences 3/4
ENGL 1124 Strategies for University Writing 3
Electives Non-Commerce electives 6
Total Credits 30/31
1 If you are transferring to Year 2 or 3 of the BCom program, you are not required to take COMM 101. In lieu of these credits, you will take 3 credits of Commerce or non-Commerce electives at any level.

If you are transferring to Year 2 of the BCom program, you will take COMM 290, 291, and 292 in your second year of studies.

3 If you are entering Year 1 with no previous background in calculus, you must take MATH 184. Acceptable equivalents to Math 104/184 include MATH 100 or 180, 102, 110, 120 or the former 140.

4 You must attain a minimum of 60% or a 'C' in your first year English course.

 Year 2 – Learning the fundamentals of business

Course No. Course Name Credits
COMM 2021  Career Fundamentals 1
COMM 2032  Managing the Employment Relationship  3
COMM 2043  Logistics and Operations Management  3
COMM 2054 Introduction to Management Information Systems  3
COMM 293 Financial Accounting 3
COMM 294 Managerial Accounting 3
COMM 2955 Managerial Economics 3
COMM 296 Introduction to Marketing 3
COMM 298 Introduction to Finance 3
Electives Non-Commerce electives

(direct entry students only)
Total Credits 31
1 If you are transferring to Year 3 of the BCom program, you will take COMM 202 in your third year of studies.

2 Formerly numbered COMM 392.

3 Formerly numbered COMM 399.

4 Formerly numbered COMM 391.

5 You may take ECON 301 and ECON 303 (both must be completed) instead of COMM 295 to fulfill this requirement. Three of the 6 credits will apply to your
non-Commerce electives requirement.

 Year 3 – Specializing and building business knowledge

Course No. Course Name Credits
COMM 3901 Business Writing 3
COMM 393 Commercial Law 3
COMM 394 Government and Business 3
COMM 3952  Business Communications  3
Option Core Required courses for specialization 6
Electives Elective requirements  12
Total Credits 30
1 You must attain a minimum of 60% or a 'C' in your Business Writing course.

2 Formerly numbered COMM 486U.

 Year 4 – Integrating knowledge & launching a career

Course No. Course Name Credits
One of

COMM 466

COMM 483


COMM 491

COMM 492

COMM 497

COMM 498

New Venture Design

Leadership and General Management

Strategy and Integrated Decision Making

Strategic Management

Management Simulation

New Enterprise Development

International Business
Option Core Required courses for specialization 9
Electives Elective requirements  18
Total Credits 30


Specialized BCom degree in Business and Computer Science

The Bachelor of Commerce, Combined Major in Business and Computer Science is an ideal launch pad if you're interested in computer science and want to pursue a career in business and information technology.

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Countless opportunities to enhance your studies

At UBC, there many rewarding activities to cultivate your personal and professional growth outside the classroom. Join a club, organize a conference, conduct research with a faculty member, study abroad, be a mentor – the possibilities are endless!

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Admission to the UBC BCom program

The UBC BCom offers you the flexibility to start Year 1 of the program directly from high school or transfer to Year 2 or 3 after completing some post-secondary studies.

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