Transfer to Year 3

You can apply to transfer to the third year of the BCom program from another recognized post-secondary institution provided you have completed the admission requirements as listed below:

Courses required

You must have completed a minimum of 48 transferable credits including the following UBC courses (or their equivalents) by the end of April:

  • ECON 101 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 102 – Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MATH 104 – Differential Calculus. Acceptable equivalents include MATH 100, MATH 102, MATH 110, MATH 180, MATH 184.
  • ENGL 112 – University Writing. Minimum grade of 60% or "C" required in English. English courses taken at colleges or universities in countries where English is not the primary language do not satisfy this requirement. ASTU 150, ENGL 100, WRDS 150, WRDS 350, Arts One or CAP satisfying the Faculty of Arts writing requirement is acceptable.
  • COMM 290 – Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making
  • COMM 291 – Application of Statistics in Business
  • COMM 292 – Management and Organizational Behaviour
  • a minimum of four* of the following second year core courses: COMM 203 (formerly numbered COMM 392), COMM 204 (formerly numbered COMM 399), COMM 205 (formerly numbered COMM 391), COMM 293, COMM 294, COMM 295, COMM 296, COMM 298.

* This minimum requirement is for the purpose of eligibility for admission to the UBC BCom program. All courses listed must be completed to fulfill BCom degree requirements.

In addition to meeting the English requirement for the BCom program, you must also meet the English Language Admission Standard for admission to UBC.

Eligibility to select your preferred specialization

If admitted to the program, you will select a specialization—also referred to as an “option”— when registering for your Year 3 courses. Many COMM 20x and COMM 29x courses are prerequisites that must be completed before taking courses within a specialization.

 Selection of Accounting or Finance

Selection of the Accounting or Finance specialization is competitive; demand for these specializations exceeds the limited space available in each. If you plan to select either specialization, you must complete all COMM 29x prerequisite courses by April (preceding entry to the program in September of the same year) and all transfer credit must be assigned to your UBC student record for you to be eligible to choose the respective specialization when you register for Year 3 courses:

  • To select the Finance specialization, you must have previously completed COMM 290, COMM 293, COMM 295, COMM 298
  • To select the Accounting specialization, you must have previously completed COMM 290, COMM 291, COMM 293, COMM 294, COMM 295

If you plan to complete COMM 29x prerequisites for Accounting or Finance during Term 1 of the winter session at UBC Sauder, you will have an opportunity to add yourself to a waitlist for your specialization in December. Successful addition to your preferred specialization will depend on demand and remaining space, if any, in it.

 Selection of other specializations

You may select any one of the following specializations when you register, even if you have not yet completed its prerequisite courses: Business Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, General Business Management, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, Real Estate. You must then complete any missing prerequisite courses in Term 1 of the winter session at UBC Sauder before taking subsequent specialization courses in Term 2.

You are encouraged to complete all COMM 29x courses by April preceding entry to the program in September of the same year so as not to delay your progression.

Documents required

You must complete/provide:

  • UBC online application: submit by January 15, 2019.
  • Interim and final official transcripts of your grades.
  • Additional documentation: proof of English Language proficiency, SAT scores (for US students) and more may be required depending on where you’ve completed secondary school. Visit for more information.

Transfer credit

Transfer credit will be assessed by the UBC Office of Enrolment Services once you have applied to UBC. If you’re attending a BC college/university you can see how your courses will transfer to UBC by using the online BC Transfer Guide. If you’re attending a college/university outside of BC, compare course descriptions to best estimate which courses may transfer and fulfill admission requirements.

Students transferring more than 60 credits should make note of the Requirements to Receive a Degree. A student transferring from another university or college may be granted transfer credit for a maximum of 50% of degree requirements. Of the 50% of the degree requirements that are to be completed while registered in the Bachelor of Commerce program, 30 credits must be upper-level commerce courses including commerce core courses and option core courses.

Average required to be considered for admission to Year 3

After you finish the second year of a Commerce Transfer Program at a BC College or studies in a Commerce program at another university, you must meet a minimum overall average of 2.50 (calculated on the last 30 transferable credits of your coursework) and a minimum core average of 2.50 on all your transferable Commerce courses. All attempts at core courses are used in the calculation of your core average.

Commerce programs at other post secondary-institutions

If you’re a commerce student attending another college or university who wishes to transfer to the BCom program at UBC, you must be admissible to Year 3 of the program (as per requirements above). Transfer credit will only be assessed after you’ve formally applied for admission to the program and each case will be assessed individually.

If you’re an Aboriginal student enrolled at Langara College, the UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Program can provide a pathway to earning a BCom degree at UBC. Eligible First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students will be guaranteed admission to the BCom program by meeting transfer program requirements.

UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Program


Once you’re accepted into the BCom program, you must be in attendance at UBC and registered in the school for a minimum of two full-time Winter Sessions (that’s two academic years).

Students who have been required to withdraw from another university will not be considered.

Previous degree holders

If you already hold a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, you may be eligible for admission to the BCom program. You must meet admission requirements as listed above. Please make your formal application first and then you will be assessed.

Please note that students who have a business degree or a degree with a significant number of business courses are not eligible for admission to the BCom program.

Alternatively, you may want to consider the Master of Management program offered through the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at the UBC Sauder School of Business. More information on this nine-month program can be found at

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