Admission Requirements

Demand for Bachelor of Commerce program at the UBC Sauder School of Business grows each year. We take that as a sign that UBC Sauder is the place to be.

There are different admissions requirements for the BCom at UBC Sauder depending on where you are coming from:

Secondary school applicants – entering Year 1
Transfer students – entering Year 2
• College/university students, UBC students transferring faculties
• Students from commerce programs at other universities
• Previous degree holders
Transfer students – entering Year 3
• BC college/university transfer student
UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer Program students - entering Year 2 or 3

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Admission FAQs

 How is admission to the BCom program decided?

Admissions decisions are based on a combination of academic performance and an assessment of your personal profile and other information submitted in your application. In addition to excellent grades, outstanding candidates will possess great leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills. We are also looking for those who are capable of setting and achieving goals, show an ability to deal with challenging situations, demonstrate solid communication skills and are involved with the community. When you complete the application you will need to draw on your real life experiences inside and outside the classroom. We want to learn more about who you are.

 Do I need to meet both the University general admission requirements and the UBC Sauder School of Business BCom admission requirements?

Yes. Even though you’re applying for a BCom at UBC Sauder, you also need to meet the admissions requirements for UBC too. Visit to check the University’s general admission requirements.

 Can I apply for direct entry to Year 1 if I’ve already attended college/university?

No. If you have completed more than 6 credits of coursework at a post-secondary institution, you are not eligible to apply for direct entry to Year 1. To be eligible for the BCom program, you must complete all course requirements necessary to transfer to Year 2.

 Can I apply to start my program in January?

No. We have only one intake of new students per year, to start their studies in September. Based on the structure of the BCom program and required course prerequisites, it is not possible to start in January. Direct entry Year 1 students are eligible to start in the summer session.

 I’m a UBC student from another faculty. Can I take Commerce courses at UBC to be eligible for admission to Year 3?

No. Commerce courses offered at UBC are restricted to students in the BCom program. If you are currently attending UBC and would like to complete requirements necessary to transfer to Year 3, you may consider completing these courses at another BC college/university. Keep in mind that if you leave UBC to complete these requirements, you must reapply to the University (re- admission is not guaranteed). You can review course equivalencies by using the online BC Transfer Guide.

 Who processes my application for the BCom program?

The UBC Office of Enrolment Services processes your application for admission, checks your required documents and calculates your admission average(s) and transfer credit. If you are admitted to the University, your offer of admission will include a list of your transfer credit. If you have already completed Commerce courses, review your credit before you register for your classes to ensure that you do not register for a course that you have already completed.

The UBC Sauder School of Business Undergraduate Office makes a decision after considering your academic average, your personal profile and other information provided in your application.

 Is there early admission to the BCom program? When will I find out if I'm admitted?

We will start to make offers of admission after the application deadline in January. Because admission to the BCom program is a comparative process, we can't make the majority of our decisions until we've received all transcripts and required documents from everyone who has applied. The majority of our decisions for Year 1 are made in April, while the majority of our decisions for transfers to Years 2 and 3 are made in May/June. If you are an exceptionally strong applicant and we have received all required information for your application, we may be able to extend an offer at an earlier date. For this reason, we encourage you to submit any required documentation as soon as it is available.

If you are applying to Year 1, we encourage you to apply by December 1, 2018 to also be considered for a Presidential Scholars Award.

 What if I don't get accepted? Can I talk to someone?

Yes! We encourage all applicants who are not admitted to our program to make an appointment to speak with one of our admissions officers. They will be able to advise you on why your application was refused and how to improve it should you wish to apply next year. Call us at 604.822.8333 to schedule an appointment.


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