Event | Research Talk by Dr. Carol Liao “Making Sense of Corporate Law and Social Enterprise”

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The Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics is pleased to host a research talk by Dr. Carol Liao, the Centre’s UBC Sauder Distinguished Scholar, and an assistant professor at the UBC Allard School of Law on April 23, 2018. Liao will present “Making Sense of Corporate Law and Social Enterprise.”

The proliferation of businesses self-identifying as “social enterprises” has led to some confusion as to what is and is not permissible under Canadian corporate law. Liao will dispel some legal myths in business, and unpack the growing "Americanization" of privately regulating good business within the backdrop of social enterprise laws that are developing across the world. In recent years, there have been significant lobbying efforts for Canada to implement a corporate legal model similar to the American benefit corporation in order to enhance the development of social enterprise. Yet many of the fundamental legal characteristics of the benefit corporation are already reflected in existing Canadian corporate laws, and in some instances Canadian laws are comparatively more progressive. Liao will offer ways in which Canadian legislators should approach the implementation of laws designed to support social enterprise and values-driven business, to better address Canadian social and legal needs.

A former New York Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer, former judicial clerk at the BC Court of Appeal and former researcher for the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda, Liao holds a joint PhD /SJD from UBC and the University of Toronto specializing in business law. She has published extensively on various issues in corporate law and business ethics in scholarly journals, and is the co-author of a leading business law textbook in Canada. She is the recipient of the Robert Bertram Award issued by the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Monday, April 23, 2018, at Noon

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