Professor Katherine White has been welcomed to The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada, an organization with the aim of recognizing and awarding excellence among Canada’s emerging intellectual leaders.

“It’s a real honour to be named a member of the college” said White. “It means a lot to me that my senior colleagues thought so highly of my work as to nominate me.”

White is lauded on the college’s website as someone who has “made significant contributions to knowledge in the area of consumer psychology ... [and] is well-known for her work on social identity, social influence, and ethical consumption.” Also noted was White's ranking as one of five top marketing researchers worldwide by the American Marketing Association (AMA) in 2015.

“Kate is an incredible member of our team and absolutely deserves this very prestigious appointment,” said John Ries, senior associate dean, research. “We’re fortunate to have a leading voice like hers at UBC Sauder.”

Founded in 2014, The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists elects up to 100 individuals annually from the emerging generation of scholarly, artistic and scientific leaders. Membership lasts seven years. The college's aim is to recognize leaders but also facilitate their collaboration for the benefit of society.

“Membership provides an opportunity to network with a unique group of thoughtful and intelligent individuals coming from different disciplines and regions across Canada,” said White. “I’m excited about the opportunities this intersection of perspectives enables.” 

White is one of the world’s leading experts on prosocial consumption and social marketing, and chair of UBC Sauder’s Marketing and Behavioural Science division. Her recent findings include: guilt motivates people to buy self-improvement products; rivalry can motivate people to take care of the environment; “liking” a cause on social media can reduce motivation to donate money; and charities soliciting donations should focus on concrete messaging.

UBC Sauder’s marketing faculty is widely recognized for the quality of its research. In the AMA’s 2015 world marketing researcher rankings, UBC Sauder professor Darren Dahl was also ranked in the top five. Overall, the AMA ranked the school’s marketing faculty sixth in the world. AMA rankings are based on publications in top-tier marketing journals over the prior five years.

The Financial Times’ latest MBA rankings puts UBC Sauder at 20th in the world for its research productivity in top journals.