Two UBC Sauder professors are ranked among the top five marketing researchers in the world, according to the latest rankings published by the American Marketing Association. The school’s marketing faculty was ranked sixth in the world overall.

Professor Darren Dahl ranks second in the world, while Professor Katherine White came in at fifth. Also award-winning teachers, both professors bring their thought leadership in consumer behaviour, creativity and management into the classroom connecting MBA, BCom and Executive Education students with marketing’s latest insights.

The rankings are based on how many research articles professors published from 2011 to 2015 in the four leading journals of marketing research: Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science.

Dahl, the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty at UBC Sauder and director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, has in other years topped the global rankings for his extensive investigations of consumer behaviour. His recent research findings include: rude sales staff sell more luxury goods than their kinder colleagues; ethical shoppers are seen as immoral if they’re on government assistance; hand-washing makes people more likely to indulge in hedonic foods; and unearned upgrades can backfire when customers feel embarrassed about the special treatment.


Prof. Darren Dahl talks about the global
perspective of UBC Sauder and its MBA students

Darren Dahl


White is one of the world’s leading experts on prosocial consumption and social marketing, and chair of UBC Sauder’s Marketing and Behavioural Science division. Her recent findings include: guilt motivates people to buy self-improvement products; rivalry can motivate people to take care of the environment; “liking” a cause on social media can reduce motivation to donate money; and charities soliciting donations should focus on concrete messaging.

UBC Sauder is widely recognized for the quality of its research across disciplines. The Financial Times’ latest MBA rankings put the school at 20th in the world for its research productivity in top journals.

The marketing researcher rankings were produced by the American Marketing Association’s DocSIG special interest group, dedicated to informing marketing doctoral students about leading researchers and programs, while the school-wide rankings were compiled by the University of Texas at Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management.

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