For almost 15 years, RBC has been leveraging the MBA internship program at UBC Sauder to identify top talent and future leaders.


As one of Canada’s leading banks, RBC is constantly on the hunt for talented business minds to fill its ranks with people capable of taking the company forward.

Todd Shewfelt, regional vice president, Commercial Financial Services at RBC, says his firm considers hiring from UBC Sauder’s MBA internship program an efficient, cost-effective and successful way of bringing on board potential future leaders.

“We look at it like a three-month job interview,” he says about the firm’s approach to hiring from the school. 

He explains that MBA students studying at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School often possess the sharp finance skills they need to make an impact at the bank.  But he also notes that the program allows his team to try students who are not an immediate fit from a finance perspective, but who appear to have the leadership and communications skills needed to be high performing team members.

“We’ve often taken the opportunity to hire someone that may not make immediate sense on paper with the understanding that their soft skills can really make a difference. It gives us a chance to take that risk, and it often pays off.”

Todd Shewfelt

For almost 15 years, RBC has looked to UBC Sauder to supply qualified, capable candidates to tackle a myriad of tasks with the hopes of grooming the next crop of executives.

“It’s an effective resource to have right at the tip of our fingers,” says Shewfelt. “We see such added value in accessing these candidates at an early stage and seeing how they fit in with us and also how we suit them.”

Shewfelt knows first-hand how an internship can quickly turn into a long-term career opportunity. In 2002, he was a UBC Sauder MBA student with a summer internship at RBC – just like the students he hires now.

“We look at our current hiring practices from the internship program as a unique opportunity because we don’t just look at people with financial backgrounds.”

“For me, the MBA program is a great filter of hardworking, bright, talented people.”

Hire an MBA intern

Shewfelt says RBC likes its interns to hit the ground running from their very first week on the job. After all, they only have a few months to show their potential employer their skills.

“We like to give the new hires what we call ‘an industry project’. It’s a market research project that allows them to get working right away,” he says. 

As an example, Shewfelt pointed to work he had an intern take on to build a report on the food services industry and what opportunities there were in British Columbia. “We were interested in everything that happens right up until the restaurant, from manufacturing to distribution,” he says. “And my team and I wanted to include a fresh perspective on the industry.”

The UBC Sauder intern gathered essential data from companies involved in the sector and helped provide the essential information Shewfelt needed to make decisions.


“The talent pipeline the school provides is phenomenal,” says Shewfelt. “Almost every year we’ve hired someone.”

In fact, in 2016, the bank has already hired two more Sauder MBAs to join its ranks.

In the instances where Shewfelt and his team have not hired an intern, they’ve gone back to the shortlist of candidates that previously applied for the internship and hired someone from there.

“We are actually looking to grow our business in the next couple of years, in particular the number of account managers we have, so we will be on the lookout for the next new batch of interns.”

Hire an MBA Intern

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