A team of five Sauder BCom students placed first at the 4th Annual Wideman Prize Competition for Project Management Excellence. They won with an interactive project that gave teens a new perspective on Paralympic athletes. 

The Wideman Prize is an annual competition run by the Wideman Education Foundation, a non-profit that promotes the development of project leadership skills among young people. Participants are tasked to select, initiate, plan and execute a real project, to be judged by a panel of industry professionals.

This year's event, hosted at Simon Fraser University's Surrey campus on April 26, 2014, featured a total of nine teams from UBC and SFU. The winning team included Sauder BCom students Alexandra Anderson, Langshen Cui, Judd Grossman, Michelle Holmes, and Conny Yang. They received an award of $2,500 to further develop their project management objectives and skills.

The winning team’s project, completed in class in advance of the competition, was designed to raise awareness of the skill, determination and athleticism, of Paralympic athletes. The students brought national para-athlete speakers to a high school and had able-bodied high school students try para-sport variations such as wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball.

Sauder lecturer Robert Goatham, who taught the students in their COMM 447: Applied Project Management class, was very impressed with their work. “Their project stood out because of their awareness of societal challenges in tackling such an important issue, their excellent teamwork and the way they applied project management ideas and tools,” said Goatham.