Sauder’s Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors gains independence and expands

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The Sauder School of Business is pleased to announce that, as a result of its tremendous growth and success, the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors (IFEA) will become a newly distinct and independent organization.

Founded by Sauder’s Business Families Centre in 2009, IFEA will establish new partnerships and expand to have a national presence.

Delivering a curriculum specifically for business family advisors, IFEA provides professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, board members and consultants, with skills to understand the unique challenges of family enterprises and better support them. The flagship Family Enterprise Advisors (FEA) Program is delivered in seven modules and covers the full skill set needed to successfully advise business families.

The Sauder School of Business will be IFEA’s Founding Educational Partner, continuing to deliver the flagship FEA Program at its downtown Vancouver campus, playing a role in updating program content, and overseeing advisor exams and designations.

“Already an established and vibrant organization, IFEA’s continued success will be assured by its experienced board of family business professionals and committed staff,” said Bruce Wiesner, Associate Dean of Executive Education at the Sauder School of Business.  “We are delighted to see it move forward into this next phase of growth and development.”

IFEA will be forging new partnerships with Business Families Centres across Canada to deliver the FEA Program nationwide. These new agreements will establish IFEA as a significant presence in family enterprise advising across the country. 

“IFEA is very thankful to the Sauder School of Business for providing us a foundation for growth.  We look forward to begin our next phase of development in continuing partnership with Sauder and expanding our reach across Canada,” says Kathy Bright, President of IFEA.

In addition to its work with IFEA, the Sauder School of Business’s Business Families Centre will continue to support leading-edge research in the area of family enterprise and to develop and deliver management education programs for business families.