Sauder’s Ch’nook program earns federal government award

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Ch’nook’s inaugural Links to Learning workshop earned praise from the Government of Canada by winning a 2013-2014 Deputy Ministers’ Recognition Award for Collaboration and Partnerships, presented this week to Miranda Huron, Program Manager for Ch’nook’s Scholars and Cousins initiatives.

Links to Learning 2013, which took place on December 17 and 18, was the first of an annual event presented by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, in partnership with Ch'nook. The workshop is a technical training forum for First Nation economic development officers and land managers. Huron said the forum was ground-breaking for bringing so many Aboriginal community professionals together all at once.

Students from the Ch’nook Scholars program, which supports Aboriginal business students from across British Columbia, volunteered at the event, which provided them with excellent networking opportunities and insight into career options should they choose to take their training home to their communities.

Miranda HuronHuron said she’s pleased Ch’nook is being recognized for the strength of its partnerships with Aboriginal groups. “Awards like this are great for showing our dedication to community skills training, and creating change,” Huron said. “It highlights how we’re strengthening our students’ knowledge of on-reserve issues, and helping them learn about the complexities of doing business between First Nations and non-First Nations groups.”

The Ch’nook Initiative, founded by the Sauder School of Business in 2002, helps increase Aboriginal involvement in business education in B.C. and Canada through community partnerships and working with students in high school and post-secondary.