Ranking 49th in the world, the Master of Management program offered by the Sauder School of Business’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School is the only North American program to make the 2014 Financial Times Global Masters in Management ranking.

“Our place in this prestigious ranking reflects Sauder’s strong position as a North American leader in Masters of Management training,” said Murali Chandrashekaran, Associate Dean, Professional Graduate Programs. “It affirms our success in equipping students with the career-ready skills and confidence they need to follow their passions and make a real impact in their chosen professions.”

Sauder launched the Master of Management program in 2008 to provide students with undergraduate degrees the opportunity to fast-track their careers with nine months of intensive business training and hands-on experience. Students study the fundamentals of business – leadership, negotiation, accounting, marketing, HR, IT, operations and logistics. They also act as consultants with companies to solve business challenges. 

Sauder’s program was ranked high in “value for money,” coming 30th worldwide in the category assessing each program's return on investment. The school was also well recognized for the effectiveness of its career services, ranking 36th globally for job placement success.

Of the 2013 MM cohort, 76 per cent of students were employed by graduation: 18 per cent in marketing and advertising; 13.5 per cent in banking and finance; 13.5 per cent in high tech; 13 per cent in government and non-profit; and 11 per cent in health care.

Ranking 7th in the world, Sauder was also highlighted for its excellence in Marketing research and training, a key area of interest for students entering MM programs globally.

“Our Master of Management is a gateway to career advancement,” said Chandrashekaran. “Through extensive collaborative work in the classroom and with organizations, students develop an invaluable network of peers, alumni and business leaders to draw on, as well as the soft skills that are so important for career progress.”

Sauder’s global reach and perspective also measured well against other schools. Ranking 33rd for “international mobility,” Sauder scored well for facilitating student entry into the global job market. The student body itself was highlighted for its diversity, with the 23rd highest percentage of international students at 63 per cent, and the 11th highest percentage of female students at 59 per cent.

“Students from across disciplines and around the globe come together to study in Sauder’s MM, creating a space for education that opens doors to new ideas, perspectives and opportunities,” said Chandrashekaran. “When you bring this diverse mix of students together and empower them with the language of business, the potential for transformative learning is remarkable.”

New cohorts of Sauder’s Master of Management program begin every September. Recruitment is competitive and global. While work experience is not required, life experience, including travel and volunteer work are considered valuable compliments to a strong academic history and GMAT/GRE scores.