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MSc in Business Administration

Aimed at students interested in research, the UBC MSc in Business Administration is a challenging and rigorous program designed to prepare you for a PhD program and a subsequent career in academia.

As an MSc student, you will not only become part of a rich and stimulating academic community with a strong research emphasis, but you will also enjoy the opportunity to work with the best research faculty in Canada.

World-class business school

The Robert H. Lee Graduate School at the Sauder School of Business offers a wide range of graduate programs. Considered the top academic business school in Canada and a leading academic institution, the Sauder School of Business at UBC is home to excellent teaching, an active research community and a strong collaborative culture.


Our MSc program offers study in three areas of specialization:


The research interests of our Finance Division cover most major topics and methodologies in financial economics.

Management Information Systems

The research interests of our MIS Division include a wide range of topics in the study of design, evaluation, implementation, deployment, management, control and use of information technologies in organizations.

Transportation and Logistics

The research interests of our Transportation and Logistics faculty include aviation research, transport economics, game theory applications, logistics and supply chain management, operations management and optimization.