MATT FERGUSON | CEO, Progressive Health Innovations

Video Description: Matt talks about how to attract angel investors through building relationships, market validation, a comprehensive plan, and knowing your competition. Matt also speaks on how to deal with indecisive angels.

DAVID DEMERS | CEO, Westport Innovations Inc.

Video Description: David describes Westport Innovations and how they initially obtained financing using the venture exchanges. David also speaks on how to value a technology company. 


Video Description: Scott explains the reverse takeover process and some potential issues when doing a reverse takeover.


Video Description: Celeste describes how she raised $2.5 million for her company with little experience in raising financing. She talks about where to look for financing, and how to use your network. Celeste also speaks about being a woman entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

MIKE SATTERFIELD | Yaletown Venture Partners

Video Description: Mike speaks about the process of valuing a company from the perspective of an investor. Mike also talks about whether entrepreneurs should inflate their financial projections or not.

GREG AASEN | Founder, PM Sierra Wireless

Video Description: Thomas Hellmann interviews Greg on a variety of issues, such as his career, his work with the BC Innovation Council, and why engineers should care about business and vice versa.

STEVEN PANZ | Vice President, Inproheat
Video Description: Steven speaks about Inproheat, a Western Canadian company. He goes into detail on Inproheat's energy saving technology, and whether they should globalize.

ROBERT NAPOLI | Investment Manager, Vancity Capital

Video Description: Robert describes mezzanine finance and how it can be used as an alternative to raising equity.

Video Description: Mike describes how his angel network operates and what motivates angels. He also talks about how different entrepreneur ambition levels may or may not attract angel financing, as well as what kind of investor an entrepreneur should approach.

BASIL PETERS | Angel Investor

Video Description: Basil speaks about his personal history as an entrepreneur and an investor, as well as his new book. He also describes the recent trend towards earlier exits in technology companies, and whether this trend is good or bad for the economy.