The Centre's primary research focus is on understanding innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems through collaborations with top global researchers.


"Emergence" Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Co-editors: Marc-David L. Seidel and Henrich R. Greve

A research collaboration between The Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Center for Entrepreneurship and the W. Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research at the University of British Columbia with a fantastic group of scholars at multiple institutions around the globe.

Christina L. Ahmadjian
Hitotsubashi University
John Almandoz
Christine Beckman
University of Maryland
Anne H. Bowers
University of Toronto
Jessica Burshell
University of Toronto
Gina Dokko UC Davis
Jesper Edman
Hitotsubashi University
Mi Feng
Peking University
Heinrich R. Greve
Harsh K. Jha
UC Irvine
Matthew Lee
Christopher Marquis
Cornell University
Will Mitchell
Toronto University
Hitoshi Mitshuhashi
Keio University
Roy A. Nyberg
George Mason University
Israr Qureshi IE Business School
Suhaib Riaz
UMass Boston
Marc-David L. Seidel
University of British Columbia
Sorah Seong
Jesper B. Sørensen
Stanford University
Daniel Stewart
Gonzaga University
Bilian Ni Sullivan
Geraldine Wu
NYU and Yale University
Masaru Yarime
University of Tokyo