Find out more about some of our research projects:

Sauder School of Business Prediction Markets: A financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded are based on the outcome of provincial or federal elections in Canada. Participants invest their own funds, buy and sell listed contracts, earn profits and bear the risk of losing money.

Interest Groups in the information Age: With the financial support of the Donner Canadian Foundation, Dr. W.T. Stanbury of the CSGB organized this major research project. The project led to the preparation of a number of important research reports which were published by the CSGB in 2000.

Canadian Competition Policy Page Merger Simulation: In an attempt to better-predict the effects of proposed mergers in concentrated industries, antitrust authorities and other analysts are showing increasing interest in simulation models. The Canadian Competition Policy Page Merger Simulation is a simple simulation program for teaching, research and policy purposes.

UBC P3 Project: This Project involves the creation of a University of British Columbia entity for the purpose of producing and transferring knowledge and experiences of Public-Private Partnerships, in particular as a vehicle for meeting Canada's growing infrastructure needs. The UBC P3 Project is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project aimed at building expertise, generating and supporting research and disseminating knowledge regarding Publi-Private Partnerships and infrastructure development.