P3 Conference Series

Participants: Graeme Hodge, Larry Blain, Steve Savas, Aidan Vining, Richard Geddes, Leon Hawkins, Alan Russell, Kim Ostergaard, Maurice Rachwalski, Anthony Boardman, Christopher thomas, Eoin Reeves, Mark Hellowell, Carsten Greve, Tom Ross, Matti Siemiatycki, Sofie Dam, Marie-Louise Holle, Christina Tvarno, Christiane Schulze, Veronica Vecchi, Lene Tolstrup Christensen, Pageen Walsh, Anne Stafford, Nicholas Hann, Mark Moore, Ralph Winter, Jing Yan

Public-private partnerships have been an increasingly popular method of delivering public infrastructure around the globe over the past two decades. They have also been as controversial as they have been innovative, and whilst their popularity has waned recently in countries such as the UK and Ireland, they are still very much on the political agenda in many other countries.

This conference is the second in a series of three international conferences; the first was in Copenhagen in 2012 and the third will be in Melbourne in 2014.  The conference organizers are Carsten Greve, Anthony Boardman and Graeme Hodge (editors of the 2010 International Handbook on Public-Private Partnerships, published by Edward Elgar).  These conferences will bring global and local scholars together with personnel from both the public and private sectors in order to examine PPPs; articulate the strengths and weaknesses of this reform; weigh up the empirical evidence against theoretical advantages; examine aspects of this reform which work best from evidence to date; and assess the conditions under which PPP could indeed be economically advantageous for governments, citizens and for business. The conference series will aim to join together the best international scholarly knowledge together with real world policy and practitioner skills so that conference discussions are relevant and vital for local PPP practitioners in policy and implementation.

The conference is made possible by the generous financial support of The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), through its Connection Program.