Centre for Transportation Studies

Dr. David Gillen |
Professor, Director CTS

Dr. Gillen is the Director of the Sauder Centre for Transportation Studies. He is a Professor of Transportation Policy and Management and has published over 100 articles and books on various areas of transportation economics, including airline competition and industry structure, airport economics and noise externalities, and transportation policy in Canada and the United States. His extensive research on airlines and airports is now focused on the maritime sector and port infrastructure where there are strong parallels between the aviation and maritime supply/value chains. He was the lead researcher in Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative and is a current member of the Greater Vancouver Gateway Council. His most recent projects include measuring productivity, quality and efficiency in supply chains.

Recent publications:

Assef, Albert, David Gillen, Mike Tsionas and Anna Mattila (2016), Modeling Technical and Service Efficiency (forthcoming in Transportation Research B: Methodological).

Gillen, David and Hamed Hasheminia (2016), Measuring Reliability of Transportation Networks Using Snapshots of Movements in the Network – An Analytical and Empirical Study (forthcoming in Transportation Research B: Methodological).

Gillen, David and Tim Hazledine (2016), Pricing of Regional Airline Services in Australia and New Zealand, 2011-2015 (forthcoming in Economic Papers).

Gillen, David and David Starkie (2016), EU Policy at Congested Hubs and Incentives to Add Capacity (forthcoming Journal of Transport Economics & Policy).

Gillen, David, Geoff Gosling and Steven Landau (2015), Measuring the Relationship Between Airline Network Connectivity and Productivity, Transportation Research Record (TRR), Journal of the Transportation Research Board No. 250, pp 66-75.

Jane Lister

Dr. Jane Lister |
Senior Research Fellow, Associate Director CTS

Dr. Lister is a senior research fellow and associate director of the Centre for Transportation Studies. She holds a PhD in resource management (UBC), an MBA in corporate strategy (Sauder), and an Honours BA in economics and environmental studies (University of Toronto).  Her research examines questions regarding the business case for sustainability and the role of private standards in maritime transportation environmental governance. She is the author of several books and many articles on the business and politics of corporate social responsibility.

Recent publications:

LeBaron, G., Lister, J., Dauvergne, P. 2017. Governing Global Supply Chain Sustainability through the Ethical Audit Regime. Globalizations pp 1-18. 

Ponte, S., Poulsen, R.T., Lister J. 2017. Business and Transnational Environmental Governance. Cambridge University Press. Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication, Governance. A. Rasche, M. Morsing and J. Moon (eds). 

Lister, J., Poulsen, R.T., Ponte, S. 2015. Orchestrating Transnational Environmental Governance in Maritime Shipping. Global Environmental Change 34, 185-195.

Lister, J. 2015. Green Shipping: Governing Sustainable Maritime Transport. Global Policy. 6(2), 118-129.

Dr. Trevor D. Heaver |
Professor Emeritus, Former CTS Director


Dr. Heaver is an Emeritus Professor and former Director of CTS (1984-1998). Dr. Heaver is widely recognized in the field of transport economics and logistics and is the 2015 recipient of the Onassis Prize in international finance, trade and shipping. He is the author of twelve books and monographs and over one hundred articles. He was a founding member of the World Conference on Transport Research and of the International Association of Maritime Economists.

Recent publications:

Heaver, T. 2015. Increased Collaborative Relationships in International Logistics: Canadian and other national and corporate examples. Maritime Policy & Management, 42(3), 278-292.

Heaver, T. 2012. ‘The Evolution of Maritime Economics’ in Wayne K. Talley (ed.) The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics. (New York, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) pp.16-33.

Dr. Anming Zhang |
Professor, Operations & Logistics

Dr. Zhang is a professor of operations and logistics and holds the Vancouver International Airport Authority Chair Professor in Air Transportation. His expertise is in transportation economics and policy, air cargo logistics and industrial organization. He has published over 100 refereed journal papers in the areas of transportation, logistics, industrial organization and trade policy. His books include: Globalization and Strategic Alliances: The Case of the Airline Industry, (2000, Pergamon Press, Oxford); and Air Cargo in Mainland China and Hong Kong (2004, Ashgate, London) (Chinese editions published both in Hong Kong and Mainland China). Dr. Zhang has been a consultant to organizations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, U.S. and Canada. He is a co-author with David Gillen and other Sauder professors of the 2005 Transport Canada report: Towards Estimating the Social and Environmental Costs of Transportation in Canada. His current SSHRC-funded research is investigating the impacts of climate change on port infrastructure investment.

Recent publications:

Wang, K., A. Zhang and Y. Zhang (2018), “Key determinants of airline pricing and air travel demand in China and India: Policy, ownership, and LCC competition,” Transport Policy, 63, 80-89.

Wan, Y., A. Zhang and K.X. Li (2018), “Port competition with accessibility and congestion: A theoretical framework and literature review on empirical studies,” Maritime Policy & Management, 45(2), 239-259.

Wang, K., W. Xia, A. Zhang and Q. Zhang (2018), “Effects of train speed on airline demand and price: Theory and empirical evidence from a natural experiment,” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 114, 99-130.

Nakamura, M. and A. Zhang (2018), “Foreign direct investment with host country market structures, with empirical application to Japan,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, published online March 15, 2018.

Wong, C., A. Zhang, T. Cheung and J. Chu (2018), “Examination of low-cost carriers’ development at secondary airports using a comprehensive world airport classification,” Journal of Air Transport Management, forthcoming.


Dr. Robin Lindsey |
Professor, CN Chair in Transportation & Logistics

Dr. Lindsey is a professor of operations and logistics and the CN Chair in Transportation and Logistics. His main area of research is transportation economics. His work has focused on traffic congestion, road pricing, financing roads and other transportation infrastructure, urban public transportation and advanced traveler information systems.

Recent publications

Eren Inci, Robin Lindsey, Gokmen Oz. 2018. Parking Fees and Retail Prices. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 52(3), July, 298–321.

Qu Qian, Pengfei Guo, Robin Lindsey. 2017. Efficiency of subsidy schemes in reducing waiting times for public health-care services. Production and Operations Management 26(11), 2033-2049

de Palma, A., Lindsey, R., Monchambert, G. 2017. The economics of crowding in rail transit. Journal of Urban Economics. Available on line June 28. doi: 10.1016/j.jue.2017.06.003

Bigazzi, A., Lindsey, R. 2017. A utility-based bicycle speed choice model with time and energy factors. Transportation, accepted on June 13, 2017.

Qian, Q., Guo, P., Lindsey, R. 2017. Efficiency of subsidy schemes in reducing waiting times for public health-care services. Production and Operations Management. (Link) 

 Antweiler Dr. Werner Antweiler |

Associate Professor and Chair, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Recent Publications:

Werner Antweiler: "A Two-Part Feed-in-Tariff for Intermittent Electricity Generation", Energy Economics 65, June 2017, pp. 458-470.

Werner Antweiler: "Emission Trading for Air Pollution Hot Spots: Getting the Permit Market Right". Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 19(1), January 2017, pp. 35-58.

Werner Antweiler: "Cross-Border Trade in Electricity", Journal of International Economics 101, July 2016, pp. 42-51.

Werner Antweiler: "The PR-OAC-tive Electoral System", SSRN Working Paper 2778867, May 2016, revised May 2017. This paper is my contribution to the debate about electoral reform in Canada.

Werner Antweiler and Sumeet Gulati: "Frugal Cars or Frugal Drivers? How carbon and fuel taxes influence the choice and use of cars", SSRN Working Paper 2778868, May 2016. Presented at the CEA 2016 conference in Ottawa and at the European Association for Environmental and Resource Economics EAERE 2016 conference in Zurich, both in June 2016.

 Oum Dr. Tae Oum |

Dr. Tae Oum is the UPS Foundation Chair Professor at Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Chairman of the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS). He is the Editor-in-Chief, Transport Policy (WCTR Society and Elsevier Science joint journal) since 1st August, 2016. He serves on Editorial Boards of twelve international journals as well as served as an Editor of Journal of Transport Economics and Policy for 13 years (1998-2011). His research and teaching interests are in the areas of economics, management and policy analysis in transport/logistics and public utility sectors.

Dr. Laingo M. Randrianarisoa |

Dr. Randrianarisoa is a postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Centre for Transportation Studies. She completed a Ph.D. in economics (Laval University) in 2016, with a specialization in transportation economics, applied econometrics, and environmental economics. Her current research focuses on strategic decision-making of airports and the role of ground access conditions, non-aeronautical activities and pre-boarding security procedures. She is also working on a SSHRC-funded project with Prof. Anming Zhang on the adaptation to climate change for transport infrastructures.

Recent publication:

"When Hotelling meets Vickrey - Service timing and spatial asymmetry in the airline industry" co-authored with André de Palma (ENS Cachan) and C. Ordás Criado (Université Laval), Journal of Urban Economics, May 2018. 

"Effects of corruption on efficiency of the European airports." Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Volume 79, September 2015, Pages 65-83 with D. Bolduc, Y.Y.Choo, T.H. Oum, and J.Yan.

 justinhs Dr. Justin Alger |

Postdoctoral Fellow CTS

Dr. Alger is a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Transportation Studies and at The Lind Initiative for US Studies at UBC. He holds a PhD in political science (UBC), with a specialization in global environmental politics. His work focuses on the political economy of marine conservation, examining the relationship between marine resource use and government policy. He is involved in coordinating research activities for CTS’s Green Shipping Project.

Recent Publications:

Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne (2017). “The Global Norm of Large Marine Protected Areas: Explaining Variable Adoption and Implementation.” Environmental Policy and Governance 27 (4): 298-310.

Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne (2017). “The Politics of Pacific Ocean Conservation: Lessons from the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve.” Pacific Affairs 90 (1): 29-50.

 Bill Waters Dr. Bill Waters (In Memoriam)
Professor Emeritus

It is my very sad duty to report that our great friend and former colleague, Professor Emeritus Bill Waters, passed away November 25th, 2010. Bill died peacefully in his study. Bill joined the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (now the Sauder School of Business) in 1969. He was an extremely accomplished transportation economist who was widely published and frequently consulted by governments on matters related to transportation policy. At Sauder, he was the Director of the Centre for Transportation Studies from January 1998 to December 2000 and from July 2002 to June 2003. 

 Visiting Scholars

 mcrio Michele Acciaro
Visiting Faculty - UBC (April-June, 2018)

Michele Acciaro is Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics at Kühne Logistics University (KLU). Between 2013 and 2015 he worked for the same institution as Assistant Professor. He was Head of the Logistics Department of the KLU in 2016 and 2017. For two years before joining the KLU he held the position of Senior Researcher Green Shipping at the Research and Innovation department of Det Norske Veritas AS (now DNV-GL) in Høvik, near Oslo. Between 2004 and 2010 he worked as deputy director and researcher at the Center for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL)/Erasmus SmartPort of Erasmus University Rotterdam, with which he is still associated.

Dr. Acciaro holds a BSc and a MSc (cum Laude) in Statistics and Economics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”; a MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics from Erasmus University Rotterdam for which he was awarded the NOL/APL Prize for Student Excellence; and a PhD in Logistics also from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Dr. Acciaro was awarded the Young Researcher Best Paper Prize at the IAME Annual Conference in Cyprus in 2005. Between 2015 and 2017 Dr. Acciaro was Associate Editor of Maritime Policy and Management. Since 2016 he is member of the Editorial Board of Maritime Economics and Logistics. He is the Editor of the IAME Newsletter and chaired the IAME annual conference in Hamburg in 2016.

More information on Michele Acciaro can be found at:

Stefan K. Sløk-Madsen
Ph.D. stipend - CBS Maritime

Stefan is PhD student at the Copenhagen Business School. He holds a BS in Business Administration and Philosophy and an MS in business Administration and Economics with a minor in in Finance and Strategy from CBS. He has worked for The Danish Ministry of Economics, Operational Private Equity, M&A, and his own IT start-up. While at CTS (June - December 2016), Stefan worked on a model for entrepreneurial value capturing in maritime markets.

Graduate Students

 kun Kun Wang |

Mr. Kun Wang is a PhD student in Transportation and Logistics, Sauder School of Business. His research interests include emission mitigation in the international shipping sector, port adaptation to climate change related disasters, port competition and cooperation, airline competition, and high-speed rail (HSR) project cost and benefit evaluation. His research has been published on journals including Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Maritime Economics & Logistics, Journal of Transport Geography, Journal of Air Transport Management. Kun earned the “Killam Doctoral Scholarship”, the most prestigious doctoral fellowship in UBC. He also won the “Best Graduate Student Paper- 1st Place” at the US Transportation Research Forum (TRF) 58th Annual Meeting in Chicago, 2017.

WenyiXia  Wenyi Xia |

Wenyi Xia is a PhD student in transportation and logistics at Sauder School of Business at UBC. Her field of specialization is transportation economics and policy evaluation. Her research interests include climate change adaptation for seaports, air-rail competition and integration, industrial organization, and decision-making under uncertainty. She won the Young Author Best Paper Prize at the 14th World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR) in Shanghai, July 2016. She was awarded a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) doctoral scholarship in April, 2017.