Introducing: The Impact Investment Forum

In the past several years, we've seen an amazing growth in interest and activity in impact investing. Despite this progress, a key barrier remains: the sharing of knowledge and data. As a thinktank, we want to share our findings, provide data and suggest resources to anyone who's interested in impact investing. So we created the Impact Investment Forum (IIF).

IIF was created for a multitude of audiences. If you are...

  • An investor: We published our impact investing research covering everything from equity crowdfunding and social impact bonds to issue and sector overviews. You may also be interested in joining the Pacific Impact Investor Network - more details can be found here.
  • A researcher/ advisor: We want to publish your findings! We've gathered a collection of research reports and are happy to share your work as well. Additionally, we're asking experts in the field to curate reading lists - we've had lists on impact measurement, innovation in finance, and emerging market investing. 
  • Just interested in the field: IIF was designed for you! We have a wide range of reports, as well as expert-curated reading lists. Get started by clicking the link below.