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The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing offers Sauder MBA students summer internships focusing on sustainability and social engagement. Internships cover multiple research areas including, social entrepreneurship, sustainable social housing, health economics, microfinance, social media, and renewable energy technologies. Internships are carried out over a three to four month period during which each intern is partnered with a business or non-profit organization in order to carry out research, strategic planning and development.

The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing launched Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning Sessions in 2008 to provide a supportive environment for all students in sustainability, non-profit and social enterprise-focused internships. Sessions now run once a month over the summer to assist students at different stages of their projects. This environment encourages collaboration and brainstorming to address the overlapping challenges that may arise during the internship project.

Ahmad Ajmal 2014 Intern  
Britta Wickham 2014 Intern  
   Omotola Kuyoros 2014 Intern


Ahmad Ajmal
Britta Wickham
Omotola Kuyoro