Reports & Publications



The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing publishes a number of reports throughout the year as a result of the projects undertaken within the centre.  Our current reports cover our three core research themes: impact investing, low-carbon economy, and social innovation.  This is the repository where you can find all of them.



Growing Pains Report

Growing Pains: Density, economic growth, sustainability and wellbeing in Metro Vancouver

This study summarizes a wide range of reports on the forces affecting housing prices in Metro Vancouver and across Canada. The report also gathers data from around the world on 20 key variables ranking the Vancouver region in terms of affordability, economy, density, sustainability, innovation and health. This database enables us to compare the market conditions in Vancouver on a much broader basis, recognizing that rising housing prices are a product of the interaction between a growing economy, high quality of life indicators, population growth, investment capital and the availability of housing supply. Read more >

Indigenous Impact Investing Report

Impact Investing in the Indigenous Context

Indigenous issues remain at the forefront of Canadian policy, with many communities still lacking the necessary infrastructure and services related to water, education, economic development, and health. While these issues have traditionally been targeted by government, non-profits and charities, we believe that private investors can play a role as well. This report seeks to answer a crucial question that has been under-examined in the Canadian impact investment market: What is being done by impact investors, and how can the sector contribute to the betterment of Indigenous communities in Canada? Read more >