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The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing publishes a number of reports throughout the year as a result of the projects undertaken within the centre.  Our current reports cover our three core research themes: impact investing, low-carbon economy, and social innovation.  This is the repository where you can find all of them.



SVII Report Cover

Social Venture Impact Investing: the Canadian Landscape

Coming January 2019

This report aims to provide a robust analysis of impact investing in Canadian social ventures. It is designed to answer three main questions: (1) What are the market dynamics for social venture impact investing? (2) What is the appetite for social venture impact investing (3) What can be done to better support social ventures in Canada?

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Preventive Healthcare Report

Impact Investing in Preventive Healthcare 

This paper provides a landscape overview of the healthcare system in Canada, and outlines a role for impact investors. The financial burden on the healthcare system can be lessened if the population becomes healthier, and if long-term conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases become less prevalent. Impact investors can play a role in reducing the prevalence of long-term, chronic conditions by focusing capital allocation on preventive health practices. We highlight three programs that can link private capital and positive health outcomes together.

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