Knowledge Hub


Knowledge Hub


Currently the Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing is building a database of resources, both internal and external, in the areas of impact investing, low-carbon economy, and social innovation.


Reports & Publications

The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing publishes a number of reports throughout the year as a result of the projects undertaken within the centre. Our current reports cover several research areas including: carbon management, sustainable transportation, clean technology and energy, digital media, food systems, community engagement, social economy and development.  This is the repository where you can find all of them.

Impact Investment Forum

In addition to the our website, we upload our reports, publish reading guides and host our PIIN investor portal on the Impact Investment Forum. Check it out here: Impact Investment Forum.

LCE iconPICS Briefing Program

The PICS Briefing Program draws on an emerging network of climate change researchers and practitioners to provide policy relevant climate change briefings to the Province of BC and the general public. The program emphasizes rigour and relevance to link critical climate change research to policy officials and decision-makers.