Sustainable Debt Solutions


“We believe that if we can stop the debt cycle before it begins, we can shape a sustainable future for Canada.”

[d]fi inc. (pronounced ‘defy’) is a British Columbia-based social business venture centered on bringing proactive sustainable debt solutions to the student loan crisis.

The firm employs innovative tools and combines them with practical business efficiencies to simplify the education, limit the risk and increase the repayment of student loans.

Debt Education

  • Reaches students with practical financial literacy that builds positive long term habits and fiscal self confidence

Risk Limitation

  • Limits, manages and reduces the financial risks and administration costs of the student loan program for the Government of B.C.

Repayment Tools

  • Engages, incentivizes and partners with B.C. companies to recruit and retain the future of our economy

[d]fi inc. is a social business venture and has a mandate to build sustainable solutions that benefit their clients and stakeholders: Students, Post Secondary Institutions, Businesses, Government and Citizens.