Success Factors of BC and Alberta Co-operatives

The project is run by the BC Co-operative Association, funded through the BC and Alberta Research Alliance on the Social Economy (BALTA). The research aims to understand the patterns of co-op formation and dissolution in BC and Alberta over the last ten years.  The focus of the research will be to examine the co-operatives that have been incorporated over the last ten years, using a combination of the records of the provincial Registrars of Companies; interviews with representatives of incorporated co-ops, interviews with co-op developers, and survey tools. Some of the critical questions, which will be asked, will be:

a. the conditions that gave rise to the incorporation of these co-ops;
b. the survival rate of incorporated co-ops;
c. the reasons for a co-op’s discontinuance;
d. the ways in which a co-op’s early development and incorporation might be assisted; and
e. the ways by which a co-op’s demise might have been averted.

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