Sauder Social Entrepreneurship- Kenya

social entrepreneurshipThe five-week course that we deliver in Kenya, Social Entrepreneurship 101 (SE 101), covers the different aspects of business and entrepreneurship through a set of workshops. The course is available to Kenyan participants who are current business owners as well as those who aspire to create new businesses. Current business owners attend the course to refine specific aspects of their businesses, or to learn how to carry out certain functions that will help their businesses to thrive.

Many participants are aspiring entrepreneurs that have ideas that they want to source funds for and turn into businesses. The SE 101 course helps the participants construct their business plans and prepare them to start their businesses. The modules are taught in an interactive environment in order to promote creativity and idea sharing amongst the participants. We find this helps students improve and fine-tune their business ideas before taking them to the next level.

The course is composed of ten workshops that include lessons, presentations, activities, exercises and guest speaker sessions. The combination of these elements provide the complete experience for the Kenyan participants to learn, reflect, and improve on their businesses and ideas by the time they complete the program.

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