valgenCanada has invested more than $1 billion of public funds in research and development related to genomics. As genome science begins to develop viable applications, Genome Canada has recognized the need to understand and invest in IP commercialization.

This Genome Canada funded project will investigate how new discoveries leave the laboratory as intellectual property, and the legal and business tools surrounding that property. It will also identify models for governing these new products, and finally, determine how Canadians feel about new crops and bioproducts. This leading-edge research will inform future public policy that regulates how innovative products move from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Over the summer of 2010, a team at Sauder S3i will complete a series of case studies of firms that are applying innovative business models to intangible asset management. The research will be informed by a number of expert interviews and will include a review of the existing academic literature on technology transfer.

VALGEN stands for Value Addition through Genomics. For more information see the VALGEN website.