The Clean Energy Sector in BC

The project covers an analysis of the clean energy market in BC. It was based on 61 interviews done with clean energy companies, associations, government and research institutes in BC. The interviewed clean energy technology companies demonstrated significant promise in their ability to develop and market innovative technologies to global customers, but are still relatively young in their existence. Focused on the evolving clean energy markets of North America, Europe and Asia, such companies are at the heart of BC’s green economy. It is BC’s driver for more sustainable, socio-technological, long term change.

The biggest advantage of BC as a clean energy region is the abundance of energy resources and a skilled work force as well as the capabilities of its research institutions. Major disadvantages include the access to capital and missing incentives; most companies have to finance their research and development through their operational cash flow. In addition, BC’s clean energy technology companies feel the impact of the global economical slow down and struggle with finding funding sources and industry partners to build demonstration projects in first place. As the survey showed, export aid and support for a faster commercialization path are also highly demanded. Cost and resource savings as well as reduced time to market will help BC’s clean energy companies increase market shares as well as revenues. Therefore this sector can create new green jobs and services, and help BC to move into a modern 21st century new energy economy.