The Carbon Governance Project

The Carbon Governance ProjectThe Carbon Governance Project (CGP) forms a central piece of the Climate Intelligence Program's (CIP) work on carbon management by contributing to research on social innovation practice and policy. British Columbia is a unique place for carbon governance research given the Province’s lead on implementing the carbon tax, and its connection to emerging systems in the USA and internationally. Leveraging the business and policy contacts developed through the work of Sauder S3i, and connections with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), key interviews and workshops are exploring the strategic implications for different forms of carbon governance in the Province and beyond.

Transnational linkages are also important components of effective global carbon governance and international development. Beyond the BC context, the CGP is, therefore, also exploring the governance of international carbon partnerships with particular reference to programmatic carbon offsets and synergistic technologies that link carbon reductions with transformative development benefits.

Key research themes for the GCP:

  • Social equity and environmental implications of BC carbon policies
  • Harmonization of BC policy with wider systems
  • Possibilities for social innovation and new business under different carbon governance forms
  • Broader transnational carbon governance mechanisms and international development