Sustainable Food Systems

sustainable food systemsA major challenge for any rapidly growing city is how to create a thriving local food economy while developing the mechanisms to support sustainable food systems. Sauder S3i undertook research in this area to better understand ways of creating enhanced economic returns for a city through the design of a more robust local food economy to compliment the region’s reliance on imports. Sauder S3i’s first research project in this area examined food security in the city of Vancouver. Working on behalf of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission (VEDC), the project involved an audit of the local food economy and the identification of key opportunities for growth, as well as critical gaps and challenges within the local food system. In support of this work, research was conducted on effective cold storage design that would augment a mixed-use facility and support value chain activities such as warehousing and food processing. An additional component of the project was a benchmark analysis of the food infrastructure system in Portland, Oregon– a city widely revered for utilizing and promoting local food to support regional sustainability objectives.

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