Scallop Aquaculture Strategic Roadmap

Aquaculture, and shellfish aquaculture in particular, has the potential to provide economic, social and cultural benefits for BC’s coastal First Nations. In recent years, a steady stream of new shellfish aquaculture operations have been established on the BC coast, many owned and operated by First Nations groups. Some of these ventures have been successful, and some have encountered significant setbacks. With this in mind, what do First Nations and First Nations organizations with aspirations of aquaculture need to know before jumping into the business?

The Scallop Aquaculture Strategic Roadmap aims to provide First Nations communities with a straightforward overview of what it takes to get started in the scallop farming industry. The guide takes readers through the steps of assessing the opportunity, planning the operation, and executing a pilot project.  The report consolidates information from many other sources to provide an overarching look at key tasks and activities involved in developing a scallop aquaculture pilot operation within the context of First Nations communities.

This report is made possible through an ongoing partnership with the Nanwakolas Council, a regional body comprised of eight member First Nations whose traditional territories are located on northern Vancouver Island and adjacent south central coastal areas of BC.

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