Nisga'a Tourism Strategic Planning

Nisga'a TourismOwing to the rich cultural heritage of the Nisga’a people and the pristine natural landscapes of the Nass Valley, the Nisga’a territory has the potential to serve as an appealing travel destination for domestic and international tourists. While potential exists for the development of a vibrant tourism industry, current development of the industry remains limited. The Nass Valley contains some valuable assets that can be utilized for tourism related activity, but there are very few tourism products currently being offered in the territory, and only a handful of tourism related businesses are currently operational.

Due in part to the untapped potential of the tourism industry, the Economic Development Division of the Nisga’a Lisims Government identified development of the industry as a priority area. Building off tourism research from the previous years, Sauder S3i undertook a nationwide Nisga’a tourism strategy that 1) demonstrated a collective vision for the future of the industry, 2) identified gaps between the current state of the industry and this collective vision, and 3) provided an implementation plan which specifically details how to move forward with the development of the industry.

The Sauder S3i research focused its recommendations on various strategies that could be implemented in the short and long term. On the governance side, the establishment of a Community Tourism Advisory Committee, made up of tourism operators and government representatives, would help coordinate the industry’s growth. New funding streams, marketing opportunities and training needs were also identified. These recommendations were coupled with detailed budgets and a proposed timeline for implementation.