Nisga’a Tourism Research

Nisga'a Tourism ResearchLocated on British Columbia’s northwest coast, along the Nass River, is the Nisga’a Nation. The Nation is represented by the Nisga’a Lisims Government, which came to be after 113 years of treaty negotiations and produced the “Nisga’a Final Agreement”. With the signing of treaty (May 11, 2000), the Nation established the Nisga’a Lisims Government (NLG), a governing body that represents the interests of the Nation and all other assets within its boundaries. The Nisga’a Nation had entered into a new era of self-determination.

A strategic asset that NLG is tasked with overseeing is that of a commercial recreation tenure (CRT) permit and license of occupation agreed upon with the provincial government. This permit and license are viewed to be important to foster the development of tourism in the form of guided tours within the traditional territory of the Nation. Therefore, Sauder S3i is working with the Nisga’a Lisims Government to conduct key business research that will inform feasibility analyses of the CRT lands as well as a recently acquired hospitality asset that may be utilized to support operations at the CRT – the Nisga’a owned Vetter Falls Lodge.

Working with stakeholders to the NLG on these studies, the intent is to develop financially feasible development options that can be (1) adopted by members of the executive and (2) move forward with the creation of business plans for implementation. As a result, new opportunities would create entrepreneurs and institutions alike that would further strengthen the cultural, environmental, social and economic fibers of the Nisga’a Nation.