Nanwakolas Council Society Forestry Sector Research

In January of 2011, Sauder S3i worked with the Nanwakolas Council Society and member Nations to research strategies to increase participation within the forestry sector. Options and recommendations were communicated to (1) identify strategic points of entry for Nations not currently participating in this sector, and (2) recommend efficiencies for those Nations with already developed operations.

The provincial government's recent practices of sharing forest revenues with First nations represented a significant opportunity for Nanwakolas Council member Nations to increase participation in the forestry industry. Through cash payments and forest tenure, precedence was being set by other provincial First Nations that signed agreements with the province. In light of these practices, Nanwakolas required a greater understanding of methods to extract maximum value from with the complex forest sector while also identifying other options for the management of forest tenures.

Sauder S3i was invited to: investigate strategies for extracting maximum value from current and future forest tenure allocations, explore opportunities within the primary and secondary processing markets, and identify related product and service lines withing the industry where member Nations could benefit from increased participation. Research recommendations were adopted into the Nanwakolas Council Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan, and re-enforced previously concluded ideas derived from industry consultants and from within the membership. The study has provided the council and its members with an additional level of comfort in making confident decisions around what should be done with its available forest tenure.