HEDC Banking Service Investigation

HEDC Banking Service InvstigationThe goal of this project is to research basic banking service options and recommend an optimal choice for the community of Bella Bella. The community has no bank, which makes cash withdrawals and deposits difficult and expensive for both individuals and businesses. In particular, those on social assistance are the hardest hit. In addition, while Internet and telephone banking can handle many services, the lack of a personal relationship with a banking team may hinder the provision of arms-length loans to the town’s businesses – made more difficult as the community’s assets are spread across several remote banks.

Therefore, in commissioning of this research study, the Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) is seeking to uncover strategic areas in which these issues may be addressed. It is envisioned that this effort will create an environment where the entire Heiltsuk community is inspired to create a brighter future filled with greater opportunity and wealth.