Gingolx Village Economic Profile

Gingolx VillageSituated between the north coastal mountain range (just east of the Alaskan panhandle) at the mouth of the Nass River lies the village of Gingolx. It is the most remote of the four communities in the Nisga’a Nation core-lands and until 2003, access to the village could only be achieved by boat or float plane. With the extension of highway 113 to Gingolx, the village became connected to the rest of the Nisga’a Nation (including British Columbia and beyond) and as such, increased opportunity and benefits opened to the people of Gingolx.

In support of the village’s goals for economic development, Sauder S3i is working with decision makers and the business community to develop an economic profile that captures current business activities and potential development opportunities. Used both internally and externally to support entrepreneurs, institutions and other partnerships, this document will seek to illustrate key identifiers and opportunities, such as:

  • Socio-economic conditions and trends
  • Current and potential business/industry profiles of the village
  • Market dynamics at the micro and macro-economic levels
  • Goals of economic development for the village and overall Nation

Following this development, a pre-feasibility study of the highest-ranking economic development opportunity for the village will be generated. Ultimately, this research will provide the village and overall Nation with data and findings to generate revenue and employment in Gingolx, while also promoting cultural preservation, social cohesion and environmental stewardship.