DMT Fisheries Business Planning & Clam Gardens Feasibility Study

Nanwakolas Shellfish

The Da’naxda’xw Awaetlatla and Mamalilikulla Qwe’Qwa’Sot’Em’ First Nations are joint partners in the DMT Fisheries Society. DMT Fisheries has set up pilot scallop aquaculture test lines in two locations within their traditional territories to explore the feasibility of sustainable commercial activities. Over the summer of 2012, ISIS, in partnership with the Nanwakolas Council, was tasked with developing a plan that would allow DMT Fisheries to move forward on participating in commercial aquaculture. The major elements considered in the research were 1) an overview of the first pilot project, 2) an of appropriate business and management structures, 3) a detailed business case for both the clam beds and deep water aquaculture, and 4) a plan for implementation. 

Additionally, ISIS published a Guide to the Intertidal Clam Aquaculture Business in British Columbia that provides First Nations and coastal  communities with an understanding of how to get started in the clam aquaculture industry.