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Core Themes


Impact Investing
          Low Carbon Economy
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          First Nations  


Impact Investing

SE iconImpact investing refers to the act of making investments into companies, organizations and funds with the intent to create measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. It is a dynamic and growing field where new innovations are enabling more capital to flow up ventures creating impact in an entrepreneurial and sustainable way.


Low Carbon Economy 

LCE iconThe climate change imperative has created
new national and international opportunities for innovation in carbon management. British Columbia is the leading jurisdiction in North America for carbon and climate policy, which creates great opportunities for further innovation in carbon markets and offsetting.


Social Innovation

SE iconThe social economy operates between the private and public sectors through a broad range of community, voluntary, not-for-profit, and social profit activities. It engages the community to explore opportunities to improve delivery of public services through novel means, community regeneration, more inclusive wealth creation, and active citizenship.


First Nations Development

FN iconFirst Nations possess an abundance of human capacity, natural resources cultural and heritage. These assets provide the foundation on which lively and sustainable communities are built. By leveraging these assets, First Nations can develop and maintain thriving economies while preserving local culture.