Yanwen Wang

BA (Fudan), MPhil (UNSW), PhD (Emory)
Assistant Professor, Marketing and Behavioral Science Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 570
Tel 604-827-0078

Research Interests

  • Substantive Interests: Counter-Marketing, Public Health, Public Policy
  • Methodologies: Dynamic Programming, State Space Models, Bayesian Statistics
  • Industries: Tobacco, Sports, Taxi Industry, Politics, Retirement Plans

Courses Taught in 2018-2019

  • Market Research (COEC & IMBA)
  • Customer Relationship Management (MBAN)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Wang, Yanwen, Michael Lewis, and David Schweidel, “A Border Strategy Analysis of Ad Source and Message Tone in Senatorial Campaigns”, Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  • Wang, Yanwen, Michael Lewis, Cynthia Cryder, and Jim Sprigg (2016), “Enduring Effects of Goal Achievement and Failure within Customer Loyalty Programs: A Large-Scale Field Experiment,” Marketing Science, 35(4), 565-575
  • Wang, Yanwen, Michael Lewis, and Vishal Singh (2016), “The Unintended Consequences of Counter-Marketing Strategies: How Particular Anti-Smoking Measures May Shift Consumers to More Dangerous Cigarettes,” Marketing Science, 35(1), 55-72
  • Michael Lewis, Yanwen Wang, and Carla J. Berg (2014), “Tobacco control environment in the United States and individual consumer characteristics in relation to continued smoking: Differential responses among menthol smokers?” Preventive Medicine, 65, 47-61

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