Elena Pikulina

M.Phil, PhD (Tilburg)
Assistant Professor, Finance Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus (HA 865)
Tel (604) 822-3314

Research Interests

  • Institutional investors
  • Corporate finance
  • Experimental and behavioral finance

Courses Taught in 2018-19

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (MBA)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Pikulina, E., Renneboog, L. and Tobler, P. N., (2017), "Overconfidence and Investment: An Experimental Approach", Journal of Corporate Finance, 43, 175-192.
  • Pikulina, E., Renneboog L., (2015), “Serial Takeovers, Large Shareholders, and CEOs Equity-based Compensation”. 14. Research Handbook on Shareholder Power. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Pikulina, E., Renneboog, L., Horst, J. T. and Tobler, P. N., (2014), "Bonus Schemes and Trading Activity", Journal of Corporate Finance, 29: 369-389.

Links and Other Information