Tae Hoon Oum

BCom (Sung Kyun Kwan, Seoul-Summa-cum-laude)
MBA, PhD (British Columbia)
Professor Emeritus, Operations and Logistics Division
UPS Foundation Chair in Transportation

Contact Information

Office David Lam 415
Tel (604) 822-8320

Research Interests

  • Global Strategic Airline Alliances
  • International Air Transport
  • Telecommunications, Public Utilities
  • Transport and Telecom Infrastructure
  • Policy and strategies for building transport, logistics and distribution hubs
  • Transport, logistics and telecom policy issues concerning Asia Pacific countries
Selected Recent Publications
  • Fu, X., Oum T.H. Chen, R., and Lei Z. (2015). "Dominant Carrier Performance and International Liberalization: the case of Northeast Asia", Transport Policy vol. 43, pp  61-75.
  • Randrianarisoa, L.M., Bolduc, D., Choo, Y.Y., Oum, T.H., Yan, J., "Effect of Corruption on Efficiency of the Eurpoean Airports," Transportation Research Part A: A Policy and Practice: Volume 79, September 2015, pages 65-83.
  • Yan, J. and Oum, T.H. (2014). “Effects of Government Corruption on the Efficiency of U.S. Commercial Airports”, Journal of Urban Economics, vol.80 (March, 2014), 119-132.
  • Zhao, Q., Choo, Y.Y. and Oum, TH (2014), “The Effect of Governance Forms on North American Airport Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Airport Authority vs. Government Branch”, J. of Transportation Research Forum, vol.3 (fall, 2014), 253-270.
  • Adler, N., Fu, X. Oum, T.H., Yu, C. (2014) “Air Transport Liberalization and Airport Slot Allocation: The case of the Northeast Asian Transport Market” Transportation Research Part A, vol.62A (Apr. 2014), pp.3-19.
  • Oum, T. H., Pathomsiri, Sochai, and Yoshida, Uichiro (2014)."Limitations of DEA-based approach and alternative methods in the measurement and comparison of social efficiency across firms in different transport modes: an empirical study in Japan", Transportation Research E, vol.57E (Oct, 2014), 16-26.

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